Tool Accessories Essential Multi USB Card Reader Type C Speed 5 Gbps Transfer Sd Microsd Micro All In One Best Quality Portable Cable Adapter Connector For Phones Notebook Tablet Great Price Ocban


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Lightweight Card Reader StickUSB C – Enjoy up to 5Gbps of transfer sped thanks to the integrated USB C Port
SD/MicroSD – Write and read to SD or Micro SD cards using this convenient card reader!
USB/Micro USB – Use a conventional USB port to transfer the data, or use the pop up Micro USB, and read SD Cards from your phone!
QUALITY – This Card Reader provides premium quality at an affordable price, and includes a 90 day no questions asked replacement warranty.
PORTABLE – Same size as a flash drive, take this anywhere and easily read SD cards, whether on your Phone, PC, Laptop, Chromebook, or Mac!


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