Lenovo ThinkPad 10 / Tablet 2 10.1″ Keyboard case, COOPER BACKLIGHT EXECUTIVE Bluetooth Detachable Backlit QWERTY Wireless Keyboard Carrying Case Cover Folio with Stand (Black)


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Universally fits tablets in the 9-10″ range, including Lenovo ThinkPad 10 / Tablet 2 10.1″
Removable magnetically attached keyboard with US English layout and regular resistance for a familiar typing experience. Wireless Bluetooth keyboard allows you to type or control the tablet with various shortcuts from anywhere within a 10m radius
Backlit keyboard with adjustable brightness in 7 color variations for mood-based personalization
Hollow stretchy silicone claws insure the tablet against scratches, keeping your tablet cushioned and safe
All stock shipped from USA. Next day delivery available with Express shipping (excl. remote areas).


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