Ecran All In One Microfiber Screen Cleaning Tool for LED & LCD TV, Computer Monitor, Laptop, and iPad Screens – 100 Uses – Portable & Compact – 4 Pack ( Gray | Blue | Green | Orange )


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Looking to give your screen that „fresh out of the box“ appearance again? Ecran has you covered!

Most screens are made of polycarbonate. This is a type of plastic, not glass, which usually has an anti-reflective coating. Because of this, just dusting your screens with a dry cloth just doesn’t do the job. Greasy fingerprints, dirt, and overspray from other cleaning products are commonly attracted to screens and monitors.

Ecran’s all in one screen cleaning tool is specially formulated to gently yet effectively clean fingerprints, dust, dirt, oils, and other debris on all types of screens and monitors without leaving streaks or residue on the screen. It’s also alcohol-free and ammonia-free.

Perfect For:
3D TVs
Plasma TVs
PC Monitors
Laptop Screens
Tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.)
Cell Phones
Apple Mac Products
Many More4 Pack | Screen cleaning spray with built-in microfiber wipe
Give your screen that „fresh out of the box“ appearance again. Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, oils and other debris
Anti-Run | Anti-Static | Alcohol Free | Ammonia Free
Perfect for Plasma / LED / LCD HDTVs, PC Monitors, Tablets, Kindle Fire, Laptops, Smartphones, Apple Mac Products, GPS, iPhones, and Cell Phones
Amazing Value – The best price in the industry!


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