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Clean Vintage classically-inspired & styled briefcase-like messenger bag for men / women is fashioned mainly from a waxed canvas and a bit of leather straps, which add, in turn, to the rustic appeal of this canvas leather messenger bag.

Laptop Messenger bag / laptop backpack. As a laptop bag, it would hold most 15.6 laptops, certainly Apple MacBooks. As said, special padded compartment is included in this hybrid bag. However, it is much more than a laptop bag, as we certainly need a bit more than just a laptop in our daily life.

Now, the time has arrived to speak about the 2 or 3 ways of this bag…briefcase-messenger bag-backpack. Though a very cool feature, it means nothing if the bag does not show versatility in style as well as in the deeper sense of function. Without it, you would have a few ways to carry it, but no real wish to carry it at all, after a short use…

Hence, the following is of utmost importance to Clean Vintage in this classic implementation:

1) CV combination between the waxed canvas and the leather is nothing like the cheap, ugly, so-called hi-tech nylon- call it Oxford, call it Cambridge- beautiful it is not. 2) It was made for a laptop as well; but not only. It is too much a part of our life, so to have a separate bag of its own. Here you have much more room. Two compartments, divided into two, when your laptop is about to take only one compartment. 3) And yet, this elegant, vintage bag has nothing to do with a bulky, unstylish look. It adapts, responses, upscales itself according to your current needs- those which change not a bit in our too-too crowded days.

Buy now and get this amazing PRICE for this elegant, durable, vintage in appeal, though modern in praxis messenger bag backpack.

Sadly, counterfeits start to pop-up immediately after a successful product launch, and this case is no exception.

Once more, Clean Vintage sells ONLY here; And only to youBackpack Messenger Bag as a Laptop bag; this bag comes with a padded compartment for your laptop- it could easily function as either 13.3 laptop bag or 15.6 laptop bag. Besides the well-padded laptop compartment, the generous number of front and secretive pockets turns this leather canvas bag into a real organising power in view of our ultra digital world and its attached accessories and gadgets
The perfect Daypack. Not only a laptop bag. CV Backpack Messenger Bag gives a room to your laptop; but the bag, as hopefully life, does not exhaust itself with this one-function. Besides easily transforming from a backpack to a messenger bag, the universal appeal of its vintage style, as its expandable capacity, makes it a good fit for many uses indeed; in that sense, CV Hybrid Backpack Laptop Messenger Bag is your must-be DAYPACK
Best VFM Backpack Messenger Bag: this „cheap“ only-in-price-bag- this relatively low- very low- price for a first-rate canvas & leather bag is made possible due to Clean Vintage persistent refusal to sell its goods to stores or wholesalers. We prefer to offer the same „wholesale“ price (and not this price *3) directly to you, now. By saving on unneeded and quite expensive middlemen, we could make the good better by constantly advancing the pure quality of our vintage goods
1 year full warranty. Special promo price + special offers and promotions- see below- Other Colors would be soon available
Vintage Messenger bag: CV is all in favour of the rustic in the city- the vintage in and around our digital world. Why all in favour, perhaps because it is nice contrast to our too digital virtual world, or maybe it is because this way of a bag to be this house of us in the road, and something less estranged from out world, at this world outside- is never a bad idea? Maybe. But maybe it is all-nonsense… Maybe the whole thing is about mere beauty? For us, Beauty is indeed the first of functions


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