Caseling 13 – 13.3 inch Laptop Computer Neoprene Sleeve Carrying Case Bag with Handle, Adjustable Shoulder Strap & Extra Pocket. Fits any 13″-13.3″ laptop, Notebook, Ultrabook, Macbook – Colorful/White


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CASELING 13.3″ LAPTOP SLEEVE: STYLISH DESIGN, SUPERIOR PROTECTION, THE ULTIMATE PORTABILITY SOLUTION! This Caseling Laptop Case provides high level of protection.Your laptop will be safe against dust, scratches, scrapes, bumps, shocks, spills and more. Plus, it has a convenient additional pocket for your phone, USB cables, notebooks and headphones. Benefits don’t stop here. The sleeve is geared up with a shoulder strap that allows for easy portability, putting no strain on your muscles. Carry your laptop with you wherever you go! A few noteworthy benefits include: – Protects laptop against dust, scratches, bumps, shocks, spills & more. – Extra pocket for laptop accessories & your own essentials. – Shoulder strap makes transportation easy & stress-free. – Choice of beautiful, stylish and elegant designs. Backed by 100% Money back Guarantee, this is totally risk-free buy; CLICK the Orange button to Order the Case Now!FITS 13 -13.3 INCH LAPTOPS; Designed to fit any laptop, Notebook, Ultrabook and MacBook with Display size 13″-13.3″ inches, like; Apple MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Powerbook / iBook. – ASUS Chromebook /Transformer Book / Flip / ROG / Zenbook. – Acer Aspire, Dell Inspiron / Latitude / Notebook. – HP Pavilion / Chromebook / Elitebook / Envy / Stream / – Lenovo ThinkPad Edge / Flex / Yoga. – Samsung / Toshiba Chromebook / Satellite and more.
QUALITY BUILD LAPTOP SLEEVES; Composed of grade materials to ensure quality and durability to protect your computer. Padding inside provides added protection for your Laptop / Notebook / Ultrabook / MacBook against bumps, scratches or other accidents your laptop may come across. – Beautiful Designs; The Design is on both sides (Front and back)
SAFE & SECURE; Caseling has grown to be one of the most sought after brands in the industry and rightly so. The Caseling 13.3″ Laptop Sleeve is Semi Waterproof & protects laptop against dust, scratches, scrapes, bumps, shocks and spills. Slim and lightweight does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag.
SHOULDER STRAP, HANDLE, EXTRA POCKET; Choose to carry the case by a handle or with the adjustable shoulder strap at your convenience. Laptop sleeve includes Main Zippered pocket for your laptop, plus convenient zippered pocket to accommodate Mouse, Phones, USB cables, Notebooks, Headphones & other accessories.
DIMENSIONS: Outside 13.7″ x 10″ – Inside 13.3″ x 9.5″ – Backed by 100% Money back Guarantee, this is totally risk-free buy; CLICK the Orange button to Order the Case Now!


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